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We could not be more excited to announce the completion of our newest ramp, constructed in Louisville, KY through collaboration with the Craig Neilsen Foundation, the Kentucky Colonels, the Kentucky Department for Public Health, the Louisville Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, and the Louisville Metro Habitat for Humanity! 

One of the most tangible ways we give back to our community and assist our clients is through the construction of wheelchair-accessible ramps at the homes and living spaces of our clients. In many instances, our clients were victims of traumatic spinal cord injuries, oftentimes caused by car accidents or gun violence. For people who have lived most of their lives without the need for wheelchair-accessible spaces to suddenly be wheelchair-bound for life, the change can be a challenging one. By providing these ramps, we ease the difficulties of those returning home and returning to life after treatment at the hospital.  

Unfortunately, many times those who have suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury in low-income families do not have the means to bring a loved one home because of the overwhelming cost of wheelchair ramps, a project which can average $6,000 to complete. By working with our partners, we at Pushing Forward install ADA-compliant ramps that ensure those living with a spinal cord injury can enter and exit their home safely. Pushing Forward established a goal at the start of the year to complete 12 such ramps through 2023. With the help of our partners, we are just one ramp away from reaching that goal! You can click here to learn about how you can help us to reach our 12 ramp goal for 2023, and how you can help us change the lives of even more people in 2024! 

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