Pushing Forward’s mission is to respond to the needs of individuals who have experienced traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCI). Through acts of service and resource utilization, we allow individuals to be independent, empowered, engaged, and connected to their community.


We envision a society in which we can eliminate all barriers for individuals who live with paralysis due to traumatic spinal cord injuries. Pushing Forward supports individuals with SCI while collaborating with and providing complimentary services alongside local nonprofit organizations and businesses interested in improving the quality of life for those impacted by SCI.

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Uphill Battle

S1:EPS01- Kaelin hall

Public Speaker Activist Father

Kaelin “Uno Strong” Hall, shares with Pushing Forward his first 7 years as a SCI patient. Kaelin speaks Activist,
public speaker and father living with a wheel chair injury, I striving to lead a life of purpose and passion, Being committed
to inspiring others to reach for their dreams regardless of their circumstances. It’s evident why he’s known as “The Voice.”

SCI Type: T10

Injured: 2016

Viewing Time : 19mins

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S1:EPS02- Herb Henry

Public Speaker Coach Football Star

In an exclusive interview with “Pushing Forward,” Herb Henry shares his remarkable journey as a survivor of a spinal cord injury (SCI). Herb’s story is one of determination and purpose.

Despite the challenges he has faced, he has become an Wheelchair Basketball player, public speaker, and devoted Coach, inspiring others to pursue their dreams regardless of their circumstances.

SCI Type: T06

Injured: 1992

Viewing Time : 8mins


House with wheelchair ramp

Wheelchair Ramp

Pushing Forward supports individuals and families facing financial hardships that prevent them from transitioning home following inpatient treatment for SCIs. Installation of residential wheelchair ramps remove accessibility barriers and enable our clients to return home sooner.

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Case Management

Our Community Health Worker directly assists those with spinal cord injuries, focusing on low-income households. We provide support for various needs such as obtaining medical equipment, securing accessible living, transportation assistance, moving support, and workshops on financial wellness and job readiness.

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Comprehensive Support Services

Partnering with Breezy’s Closet, we connect individuals with essential hygiene items not covered by insurance. This collaborative effort enhances daily living for those with spinal cord injuries, promoting a holistic approach to well-being.

Two friends in wheelchair smiling

PUSH: Promoting Unity, Support, and Healing

Join Pushing Forward for inclusive events promoting social inclusion and community engagement. These gatherings offer a space for wheelchair users, their families and community to connect.

Build Your Own Skills; Events that introduce individuals with spinal cord injuries to adaptive sports and alternative methods to enhance physical fitness. Participants can discover new ways to thrive and stay active.

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Pushing Forward provides invaluable support to individuals living with traumatic spinal cord injury, helping them access
resources that enable them to live independently, engage in their community, and take control of their lives.

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