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We at Pushing Forward are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with the wonderful team at Unite Us! As our organization continues to grow and develop, it becomes increasingly important for us to develop strategic partnerships with groups that will further enable us to continue our mission of caring for those who have experienced a traumatic spinal injury. Unite Us offers an intuitive platform which allows for meaningful collaboration, community-wide care coordination, and secure, bi-directional data sharing. As we continue to improve the lives of more and more people, our team at Pushing Forward will have additional needs for record-keeping and patient tracking. This partnership creates improved opportunities for both of those efforts, while allowing us to collect and store client information even more safely than before. With this new partnership, we will be able to easily send client referrals to community-based organizations that can help to address the needs of our clients in addition to the measures we take on our side. 

Providing easy and reliable access to our clients is at the heart of everything Pushing Forward is about as an organization. This is just another of many steps we have taken and will continue to take in our relentless pursuit of positive and sustainable client outcomes! Thank you to the wonderful team at Unite Us for this wonderful opportunity, and be sure to check out their website to see how they may be able to assist your organization! 

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